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Exploring Security and Improvement Districts

29 Mar 2024 6:50 PM | Kip Hollar (Administrator)

What are Security and Improvement Districts and where are they located?

Have you ever wondered about those extra patrols you see in some neighborhoods?  They're part of what's known as Security and Improvement Districts (SIDs).  These districts have a clear mission: to enhance safety within their boundaries and boost residents' peace of mind.

Security Districts aren't a recent phenomenon.  Security Districts began forming in New Orleans in 1997, and by August 2012 there were 25 active districts.  As of now there are 43, each working towards making neighborhoods safer places to live.


  • 30 Mar 2024 12:02 PM | Gary Rinck
    Has anyone priced this out for The Marigny?
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    • 31 Mar 2024 1:54 AM | Kip Hollar (Administrator)
      Hi, Gary. Excellent question; thanks for asking. Our Committee is exploring all possible funding avenues that may be available to support a Faubourg Marigny Security and Improvement District (FMSID). Something we have learned is that SIDs are public entities, recognized as political subdivisions of the State. Any funding for the FMSID must be kept separate from and not commingled with the funds of Faubourg Marigny Improvement Association (FMIA) which is a private non-profit organization.
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