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BOARD of DIRECTORS - Fiscal Year of October 2023 to September 2024





Kip Hollar -


Mark Malouse -

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o   Heritage: Mark’s family has been in New Orleans for three generations, having immigrated from France and Germany.
o   Staying Put: Growing up in St. Vincent de Paul parish, Mark wanted to remain in New Orleans.
o   FMIA Connection: Mark joined the FMIA to receive the monthly newsletters.
o   Unwavering Attachment: Mark cannot imagine living anywhere else.

Corresponding Secretary:

Jenny Takakura -

o   Origin: Originally from Los Angeles, Jenny fell in love with New Orleans’ distinct culture.
o   Charm and Walkability: Jenny was drawn to the walkability and charm of the neighborhood.
o   Community Involvement: Joining the FMIA, Jenny aimed to contribute to improving the Marigny for everyone.

o   City Love: Jenny admires the city’s uniqueness and the friendly nature of its people.

Recording Secretary:

Dr. Maurice Sholas -

o   Background: Born in South Louisiana, Maurice moved around during childhood. After completing education and training, he decided to settle in New Orleans.
o   Home Choice: Maurice sought a historic home with ample space for his vibrant life, and The Marigny Stoop turned out to be the perfect fit.
o   Good Citizen: As a doctor, Maurice believes that being a good citizen is essential. He values being part of the neighborhood he calls home.
o   Marigny Perks: Maurice appreciates the neighborhood’s proximity to water, great food, world-class entertainment, and accessibility from various parts of the city.


Chris Costello -  (Past Presidents Council)  

o   Background: Originally from Southern California, Chris came to New Orleans for graduate school at Tulane.
o   Desire: Chris wanted a place close to the city center to enjoy its amenities but far enough away to avoid the hustle and bustle.
o   Charm Discovery: Falling in love with New Orleans’ charm—its history, food, and architecture—Chris chose to live in the Marigny.
o   FMIA Connection: Chris realized that the neighborhood’s charm needed nurturing, which is what the Faubourg Marigny Improvement Association (FMIA) provides.

o   New Orleans Love: Chris appreciates the city’s work-hard, play-hard attitude, and the Marigny is an extension of that vibrant lifestyle.

Lisa Faatland -

o   Background: Born and raised in New Orleans, Lisa spent twenty years abroad in Italy before returning to her hometown.
o   Desire: From a young age, Lisa dreamed of living in a historic, residential area close to the French Quarter, which led her to the Marigny.
o   FMIA Connection: Lisa joined the FMIA and found like-minded friends who share her passion for historic preservation.

o   Joys: Lisa enjoys walking to various places, listening to great music, interacting with neighbors, and admiring the fabulous architecture.

Gary de Leaumont -   

o   Background: Born and raised in New Orleans, Gary hails from the Gentilly neighborhood near UNO.
o   Architectural Love: Gary fell in love with the Marigny’s architecture and affordable houses (especially in 1977 when they were cheap and the neighborhood was rundown).
o   FMIA Involvement: After an FMIA-sponsored neighborhood cleanup, Gary joined the association, working on committees to beautify the neighborhood and learn about historic preservation.

o   Eclectic Charm: Gary adores the eclectic and quirky feel of the Marigny, along with its beautiful streetscapes and vibrant community.

Bobby Moffet -   

Photo not available

o   Background: Originally from North West Louisiana, Bobby attended high school in Destrehan and pursued both undergraduate and law degrees at Louisiana State University (LSU).
o   New Orleans Lover: Growing up near the city, Bobby always knew he would end up in New Orleans.
o   Passion: Bobby is passionate about preserving the historic character of neighborhoods and was drawn to the Faubourg Marigny Improvement Association (FMIA).
o   Charm: Bobby loves the idea of living in an old neighborhood with captivating architecture and old-world charm.

Greg Olson -

o   Origin: Originally from the Pacific Northwest, Greg’s partner was laid off during the pandemic but later rehired in New Orleans.
o   Marigny Love: After exploring various neighborhoods, Greg and his partner fell in love with the Marigny due to its location and lively yet not overly noisy atmosphere.
o   FMIA Involvement: Greg joined the FMIA with the goal of making a positive impact.

o   Passions: Greg’s interests include history, walking, architecture, food, and most importantly, connecting with friendly locals.


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