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Steps You can Take to Make the Marigny Safer from the NOPD 5th

29 Jun 2022 5:55 PM | Lesley Seymour

I watched the June 28th MAX livestream for the NOPD 5th precinct. Captain Gwen Nolan made the following suggestions for what each of us can do to keep our community safer.

*Part of a crime-fighting program is to tackle blight—"a quality-of-life issue”. Please call blight in when you see it.

*The city is looking for building researchers and inspectors who can help investigate blight. Come out of retirement if you can help! Apply at

*There were several armed robberies on streets what were dark. Please look for streetlights that are out and let 311 know. Complaints force them to prioritize lighting.

*Register your home cameras with

Other news:

*Captain Nolan says she’s had “positive conversations” with the city about the abandoned Navy base and how they are working to secure it.

Lieutenant Andrew Palumbo said there were 37 property crimes and a spike in armed robberies last week. “A crew came in and hit the Marigny and the 8th precinct,” he said. NOPD apprehended the 3 juveniles who did it. He is “confident the spike is the crew in jail now.”

            *Sunday there was a big arrest on Charters in Crescent Park. Someone called in a report about a guy looking in cars. Turns out he had a rifle, and he was apprehended.

Sergeant James Kish said that there was an increase in crime in aggravated assaults and road rage. Of the 15, 3 were shootings. In the armed robberies mentioned above, the main target of the crew was dark areas. “Check around you and get your lights fixed.”

Sergeant Randy Walton said there were 39 property crimes, 11 auto thefts (3 recovered). Burglary: 9 residential, mostly stealing air-conditioners or personal items.

--Lesley Jane Seymour

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