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Tree Information

24 Oct 2022 6:29 PM | Deborah Oppenheim (Administrator)
  •      There are a total of 352 district species of trees in New Orleans.
  •      The five most common species found in NOLA are crape myrtle, southern live oak, bald cypress, hybrid holly and slash pine.
  •      Trees provide approximately $6,579,933 in annual environmental benefits to NOLA.
  •      Trees contribute to energy conservation by providing shade that reduces cooling costs in the summer and diverting wind to reduce healing costs in the winter. The inventoried public tree population accounts for a savings of $ 1,312,038 in energy consumption each year.

Resource: Information from “City of New Orleans Department of Parks & Parkways: Tree Inventory Summary. Report-complete Inventory August 20, 2019. “Visit learn more.


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