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26 May 2022 10:47 AM | Deborah Oppenheim (Administrator)

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Answers to the Recycling Quiz

#1. How many tons of cardboard and paper are thrown away each year in the United States?

A. 650 Million tons.

B. 250 Million tons.

C. 850 Million tons. 

D. 50 Million tons.

#2. What percentage of products shipped in the U.S. are shipped in corrugated boxes?

A. 90% 

B. 25%

C. 75%

D. 62%

#3. Can you recycle aluminum cans?

A. Yes 

B. No

#4. Are Wine Bottles Recyclable?

A. Yes 

B. No

#5. You’ve been clothes shopping. Can you recycle those shopping bags?

A. Yes 

B. No

#6. Should soft plastic bags such as bread bags, wrapping and other scrunchable plastics go in the yellow bin?

A. Yes

B. No 

#7. What Goes Into The Green Bin? 

A. Food and Garden Waste 

B. Steel Waste

C. Metal Waste

D. Plastic Waste

#8. Which of the Following Can Be Recycled?

A. Plastic Bottles and Paper Bag 

B. Food

C. Video Tapes

D. Ceramics

#9. Which of the following is sometimes recycled into fibers for carpets or clothing?

A. Plastic Bottles 

B. Computers

C. Aluminum Cans

D. All the above

#10. Gold is sometimes recovered from recycling which of the following materials?

A. Paper

B. Aluminum Cans

C. Computers 

D. All the above

#11. What is a benefit of recycling?

A. Fewer Resources are Taken from Earth

B. Less Pollution

C. There’s Less Trash Filling Up Landfills

D. All the above 

#12. According to the EPA, the average person generates this amount of waste per day.

A. 1.2 Pounds

B. 4.40 Pounds 

C. 3.8 Pounds

D. 10 Pounds

#13. In 2017, Which Country Banned Imports of “Foreign Garbage”?

A. Germany

B. China 

C. Australia

D. Japan

#14. What Does MRF Stand for in Relation to Recycling?

A. Motorcycle Riders Foundation

B. Materials Research Foundation

C. Materials Recovery Facility 

D. None of the above

#15. How Many Trees are Saved from Recycling 1 Ton of Paper?

A. Between 1-2 Trees

B. Between 15-17 Trees 

C. Between 7-8 Trees

D. Between 10-12 Trees

Reference: March 11,2022 by Kieron


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