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21 Nov 2023 2:03 PM | Kip Hollar (Administrator)

The attendance at, and participation in, the 6:30 PM Potluck gatherings before our Monthly General Membership Meetings has significantly dwindled over the last year.  This is not an effect of COVID, as we had great participation after returning to in-person meetings.  From boxes of Brother's Fried Chicken, to homemade pasta salads, to bean dips, to bags of chips, to store bought desserts, we had quite a spread on those two eight-foot tables in the back of the room.  And that's not to mention the bottles of wine and two-liters of soda in the kitchen window.  However, for whatever reason, they have slowly all but disappeared.

We are at a crossroads here folks.  We need to decide the future of the Potlucks.  Will they continue, and if so, in what form and fashion?  If they do continue, please understand that everyone is invited to attend, whether you bring something or not.  However, we encourage all those that are able to do so to please bring something.  If no one brings anything (which is pretty much the case now), then there is nothing to be had.

UPDATE:  We had a great showing for the November Meeting Potluck.  Thanks to all who participated and contributed!

If you haven't already done so, please cast your vote in the poll below.  We thank you for your input and participation.  The poll will close on November 30th.



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