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16 Jan 2022 1:38 PM | Donna Wakeman (Administrator)


You can be effective in your household regarding energy efficiency. Our monthly bills are associated with the cost on how much energy is used. How can you help with energy waste while maintaining personal comfort to your home? These are a few suggestions to save energy in your home.


A simple, low-cost way to cut energy use is upgrading your lighting to LED’s. To change bulbs over time, prioritize the lights you use the most. There are many LED options available. It is important to read the packaging in Kevin for the color temperature. It is recommended to use ENTERGY STAR®-rated products.


While LED lamps are available in bright (like lighting in a retails store), soft, warm white are closer to the typical lights in one’s home. LED lights can also have an array of colors (Christmas lights and LED bulbs that change color) and assorted color strips.

Comparing LED bulb to an incandescent bulb in terms of wattage (always read the packaging and pay close attention to the pin sockets as there are several types):

LED 25-28 = 150 W incandescent

        16-20 = 100 W incandescent

        9 – 13 = 75 W incandescent

        8 – 12 = 60 W incandescent

        6 -   9 = 40 W incandescent


A dirty filter can cause heating and air-conditioning system to use 15% more energy (U.S. Department of Energy - DOE). Half of your energy use is by heating and air conditioning. It is important to check the filters regularly and replace it when they are dirty. It is a habit that can reduce energy waste.


Adjusting your thermostat in your home can save year-round on heating and cooling costs. The DOE recommends setting the thermostat to 68 degrees when you are home in the winter. DOE also suggests that dialing back the thermostat when you leave the house or go to sleep. It is recommended in the summer to set the thermostat at 78 degrees when you are at home and dialing it back when you are away.


  1. Wash your clothes in cold water
  2. Use natural light when possible.
  3. Do not leave your electronics on all day.
  4. The refrigerator and freezer operate more efficiently when full.
  5. Turn off heated dry on the dishwasher and use air dry instead
  6. Resources:
  7. U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) 
  8.  Entergy 

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